Cardiovascular Innovation & Research Institute |  CIRI

Welcome to the Cardiovascular Innovation & Research Institute (CIRI) at Valley View Hospital. With this innovative and creditable research program, we are bringing outcomes-based research, clinical trials, and cutting-edge medical treatments to your community practice. Research studies are designed to impact lives through the development of safer and more effective treatments to help patients feel better and live longer. Outcomes-based allows physicians and patients to make the best treatment decision given the patients’ individual data elements and preferences. Under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Frank Laws, the Principal Investigator, and colleagues Marcus Howell, MD, Michael Rubinstein, MD, and James Narrod, MD  this research institute began with and is guided by our community.

Participants will have the ability to request information, join a research recruitment database allowing CIRI to keep their contact information, and they may be eligible for a particular current or upcoming study. Research is a positive, powerful tool, educational and informative.

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